What is Aikido?

Aikido is a modern Budo or martial way. This is not to be confused with martial arts. The explanation between the two is mainly philosophical. Aikido has lineage in aikijutsu.  It was created by Morihei Ueshiba, a Japanese Budo master.  His title is Osensei, meaning great teacher, given to him by his students. It came about in the  late/1930s in Japan and has continued to this day.   Aikido is defensive in nature, using your attackers energy and blending with it using circular and entering movements. It also uses integration of mind and body.  Aikido is one of the only martial ways, to train with multiple attackers.  Aikido has un limited responses to attacks....Aikido is available to men, women and children.   Koichi Tohei, who was named 10th dan by Osensei cites four principles of Aikido

           1. Keep one point

           2. Relax completely

           3. Keep weight underside 

           4. Extend Ki 


About Us

Kimeshinhan Dojo

The beginning of Kimeshinkan Dojo was developed when founder, Ken Kondell, was inspired to expand his training in Aikido. The dojo follows training  in the Aikikai style, and he is affiliated with The Aikido World Alliance.  Aikido World Alliance is under the direction of Andrew Sato Shihan. Sato Shihan is  ranked nanadan through Hombu Dojo in Tokyo.   He has been training in the art of Aikido since 1977.

Kimeshinkan strives to continue the traditional teachings of the Japanese budo of Aikido. It strives to provide an authentic dojo surrounding for a better training atmosphere. Those that desire a true budo spirit for "polishing the stone" are encouraged to come and experience the dojo. 


All are welcome.


Class Schedule

Mon Weds Fri  

6:30pm - 8:00pm


Contact Us

Ken Kondell

8709 W. Carole Lane

Glendale, AZ    85305





Ken Kondell Sensei is a 16 year practitioner of Aikido. He has trained with numerous Shihan in the art of Aikido. He holds the rank of Sandan, through Hombu dojo in Japan. He has trained in  other countries, including Japan.  Aikido has been a welcomed  source of knowledge and happiness in his life. His studies include 3 years with Aikido Association of America,  5 years with United States Aikido Federation and the last 5 years with Aikido Schools of Ueshiba.  He is currently with Aikido World Alliance since 2015.


                   His direct teachers have been

                           Bob Caron Sensei

                        Glenn Brooks Sensei

                         Tom Haines Sensei

                          Andrew Sato Shihan

Kondell Sensei is a veteran of the USAF and also a  retired State Trooper from Massachusetts. He lives in Glendale with Dr. Sandy  and their three dogs and three cats.

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